Saturday, September 20, 2008

ZSTRMAC SPE and SPM Updates on

The z390 ZSTRMAC Structured Programming Extensions (SPE's) and the Structured Programming Macros (SPM'S) have been updated in z390 v1.4.03a which is now available.
The SPE ASELECT has been replaced with ACASE for more consistency with HLASM SPM's as suggested by Ed Jaffe. Also the SPE APM has been replaced with ACALL for more readability. The z390 ZSTRMAC SPE and SPM documentation web page has been updated here:

This page now inlcudes links to updated source program utilities and regression tests, SHARE presentations, and the original 1977 public domain SHARE SPLA CBT tape #177 from which the z390 current SPM's were derived.

Note the above web page and all z390 web pages have moved from to following server moves last week after which I could not get my web update using WinSCP SFTP/RSS to work. I am working to get redirection link on the old site and get the old pages removed. The z390 project remains on here:

And the "Summary", "Website" link has been updated to point to Also download links continue to point to download servers.

Don Higgins

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