Monday, February 11, 2008

Come to SHARE Session 8194 Feb. 25, 2008 to learn about z390 VSAM and CICS support

Come to the Disney World Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando Florida on February 25, 2008 and attend SHARE Session 8194 at 4:30 in Coronado E for update on z390 VSAM and CICS support. Speakers will include Melvyn Maltz and Don Higgins. Melvyn will provide update on EXEC CICS V4 compatible support including multiple TN3270 clients on TCP/IP network and browse support for ESDS, RRDS, and KSDS VSAM files. Don will provide overview of the z390 portable mainframe assembler and emulator plus update on VSAM externals and internals including KSDS insert support using AVL balanced trees for maximum performance. For more information on SHARE in Orlando and Session 894 visit:

Don Higgins