Saturday, August 25, 2007

z390 SHARE Session Update

z390 SHARE sessions have been held at the February and August 2007 conferences. Martin Trubner from Germany presented the last session in San Diego providing z390 user perspective. For more information visit:

Planning is now underway for z390 SHARE session in Orlando in February 2008 with both Don Higgins and Melvyn Maltz presenting updates on z390 support for VSAM and CICS. Plan to attend.

Don Higgins

z390 new VSAM assembler application support

Starting with version 1.3.07, z390 now supports VSAM assembler applications. The initial support includes ESDS files using macros for ACB, RPL, OPEN, CLOSE, GET, PUT, SHOWCB, TESTCB, and MODCB. A new utility REPRO written in structured macro assembler is included to load or unload VSAM file from/to QSAM file or another VSAM file. Fixed or variable length records up to 2 GB are supported. Demo application programs with fixed and variable length ESDS VSAM files are included. For more information visit:

Don Higgins

z390 new CICS compatible transaction manager

z390 version 1.3.05 now has a CICS compatible transaction manager V2 developed by Melvyn Maltz which supports EXEC CICS assembler programs. Commands supported include EXEC SEND, RECEIVE, LOAD, LINK, XCTL, RETURN, HANDLE, ABEND, PUSH, POP, RELEASE, GETMAIN, and FREEMAIN. A z390 CICS transaction manager server can support multiple local and remote TN3270 compatible clients connected over TCP/IP network. All of the code is open source. To start a server run z390\cics\z390cics.390 and to start a client run z390\cics\z390kcp with IP address of the server processor. To see an example, enter the transaction code GUI6 to start a conversational CICS transaction which displays several fields (name, address, zip) and supports updating fields plus PF1 help key and PF3 exit key. For more information visit:

Don Higgins