Sunday, February 22, 2009

z390 v1.5.00 with zcobol now available for download

On 02/21/09 the first release of zcobol was published as part of z390 release v1.5.00 which you can download from All the documentation for zcobol is now on

This first release includes demos, regression tests, and EXEC CICS COBOL programs which you can compile, link, and execution on any J2SE platform including Windows and Linux. The generated HLASM compatible source and object code can also be ported to run at native speed on mainframe a9/z10 processors. The generated HLASM compatible source code includes all data labels and paragraph labels and utilizes the latest z9/z10 instruction set to optimize generated code including support for 64 bit register instructions such as LG and DSG plus baseless procedure division code using relative branch instructions.

I hope folks will try it out this week and then come to SHARE session 8194 on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 8 AM in Austin TX to learn more. Melvyn Maltz, the zcobol EXEC CICS support developer and I will be there to present z390 and zcobol and answer questions. If there is enough interest, we could try and schedule a BOF Tuesday evening.

Don Higgins