Saturday, August 22, 2009

zcobol updated summary and new opcode frequency reports

The website has been updated with new zcobol NIST Test Suite Results:

The upcoming z390/zcobol full release v1.5.01 successfully translates and assembles 409 NIST test suite COBOL programs with no hard assembly errors and just MNOTE's identifying as yet unsupported features. Two new reports have been added: The first shows the frequency distribution of translated macro call statements, and the second shows the frequency of all generated HLASM Basic Assembler Language (BAL) instructions.

Also included is a current pending priority list for future zcobol development. All users interested in participating should join the zcobol email group where you can submit your own priority list. In addition to the current HLASM target language enviroment, there are also plans to develop additional sets of zcobol code generation macros for Java, C, and Intel MASM.

Don Higgins