Saturday, July 08, 2006

z390 Release 1.1.01 increases MIPS demo speed by 50%

On July 7, 2006 the site published version 1.1.01 which has a significant performace improvement for the open source z390 J2SE Java runtime emulator which increased the speed of the MIPS calculation demo by over 50%. The speed increase was achieved by tuning the pz390 emulator code to use 4 smaller table switches to index opcodes instead of one 256 entry switch table for the primary opcode. A new version of the z390 instruction speed caculation contributed by Melvyn Maltz was also published so you can see individual z processor instruction speeds for z390 along with comparison to earlier base line speeds:


Manish said...

Hi Don,
I've been using PC370 for testing out my assembler programs for quite some time now. I just installed z390 and was wondering if it supports 370 BAL. I searched on the website but could not find this information.
Thanks for your wonderful program.

Don Higgins said...


Yes you can use BAL or macro assembler with z390. You can code BAL in the MLC type file input to the mz390 macro assembler and it will pass it to the az390 assembler. Alternatively if you never use macros you can code in a BAL file and run the az390 assembler directly.

Don Higgins