Friday, April 14, 2006

z390 Assembler and Emulator

Welcome to the z390 Assembler and Emulator Blog. z390 v1.0.14 was published Thursday April 13, 2006 for free download and install on Windows XP or 2000 using Installshield. Be sure you also have version 1.5.0 update 6 of the Sun Microsystems J2SE Java Runtime installed. You can post questions and comments on this blog. You can also join z390 User Group or post fix and enhancements via the support form on the website.

Don Higgins
z390 Assembler and Emulator


Anonymous said...

Max at

Dan said...

Given that z390 is built on Java, can I run this on my Linux box?

Don Higgins said...

In theory you can run z390 on any platform that supports J2SE including Linux. However, I have not tested on any platforms yet except Windows XP and 2000. Until it has been tested and any system dependant quirks such as handling of special ascii characters in command and text processing have been resolved. I would assume it will not work. Volunteers to test z390 on other platforms are welcome, but I cannot commit to have fix the code on such platforms until such time as I get a test system for those platforms.

Don Higgins